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Life Insurance: Understand The Medical Exam & Tips For A Good Quote

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You want to get life insurance, and you know that you have to go through the life insurance medical exam. Do not fret, the following guide will help you understand and prepare for the medical exam.

Why Are You Taking It?

You are taking the medical exam for the following reasons:

  • The premiums might turn out to be better or more affordable depending on your results.
  • You're taking the exam to help the insurance company assess the risk they are taking to insure you.

You can talk to your insurance company about what other things this medical exam will do for you.

Expect The Following

The medical exam consists of:

  • A certified medical examiner (or paramedical examiner) should visit you.
  • The medical examiner will go over the health-related questions you answered during your application.
  • You will have your urine, blood, and pressure tested. It might be necessary for you to fast for a day before your exam, as well. 
  • You'll be asked about drugs (both recreational and medical). You should be honest, as the blood test will reveal them anyway.
  • There might need to be an EKG test for your heart or a PSA test for your prostate. 

You can ask your life insurance representative about other tests that you need to prepare for. 

Tips That Can Improve Your Exam

One thing you can concentrate on is making sure your blood pressure is as healthy as possible. This is very important because experts have noted that your insurance quote could go up by 20 percent on account of your blood pressure. You can do that by considering the following:

  • Do not physically over-strain yourself before your exam, which does mean that you should skip exercising for a few days, too.
  • Try to avoid stress as it raises your blood pressure.
  • Avoid smoking, drinking coffee, or other drugs that might raise your blood pressure.
  • Eat a bit of raw or dark chocolate before your exam. Studies have shown that chocolate contains active ingredients that help activate pleasure hormones in your brain, making you feel relaxed. 
  • Consider sniffing a little lavender oil because its active ingredients can also help induce relaxation, which should re-stabilize your blood pressure. 
  • Get a good night's sleep before your exam.

There you go, now you have a firmer grip on the medical exam that you are taking for your life insurance. And, hopefully, this guide was able to help you understand your medical exam and get you a good life insurance quote.